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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

why doesnt mister rogers help congress straighten out this terrible economy bailout plan?

Mister Rogers did the impossible by convincing the morass of Congress to do something positive. When they were considering cutting funding for public television he put on his shoes and gave testimony over why he believed that television gave children hope and made them more productive members of society. Congress ended up increasing funding instead. When Congress gave into pressure from the MPAA over the legality of VCRs recording show, he convinced them that it allowed working to enjoy his shows with their children as a family. The world could use another Mister Rogers.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Suicidal Lemmings in Disneys White Wilderness Film

Here is a clip from Disneys White Wilderness film depicting a mass suicide of lemmings in the arctic. This 1958 documentary won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. The scene however turns out to be fake. Watch the clip and then read the rest of the post. The real story behind this "documentary" is the animal abuse. Makes me sick. I like how Disney got away with it and won an Academy award!

This is what I found on Wikipedia...

White Wilderness contains a scene that supposedly depicts a mass lemming migration, and ends with the lemmings leaping to their deaths into the Arctic Ocean. There have been some reports that the Disney film describes this as an actual suicidal action by the lemmings, but the narrator in the film does state that the lemmings are likely not attempting suicide, but rather are migrating and upon encountering water, attempt to cross it. If the water they attempt to cross is too wide, they suffer exhaustion and drown.

In 1982, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation news magazine The Fifth Estate broadcast a documentary about animal cruelty in Hollywood, focusing on White Wilderness as well as the Disney television program Wild Kingdom. Bob McKeown, the host of the CBC program, found that the lemming scene was filmed at the Bow River near downtown Calgary and not at the Arctic Ocean as implied by the film. He found out that the lemmings did not voluntarily jump into the river but were pushed in by a rotating platform installed by the film crew. He also interviewed a lemming expert who claimed that the particular species of lemming shown in the film is not known to migrate, much less commit mass suicide. He also discovered that footage of a polar bear cub falling down an Arctic ice slope was really filmed in a Calgary film studio. [2]

Nipple Hair Mustache, Wow // pic


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Monday, December 22, 2008

Cult Scifi Worship: Metropia, Zombie Samurai

Tarik Saleh's absolutely stunning futuristic Swedish film, Metropia, creates such believable characters that you'll start to question just how real it is. Plus, Zombie Samurai fills the necessary blood quota for the week.

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OneRedPaperClip ABC 20/20

ABC 20/20 July 14 on Kyle MacDonald and his journey. Guy trades items on Craigslist starting with a red paperclip. The trades continue to increase in value until he trades for a house in Canada!

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